Learning to celebrate your little achievement and rewarding yourself is a means of boosting your self-confidence.

There’s a saying that, ‘ a drop of water makes a mighty ocean’.

To achieve a greater goal, you must break your goals into smaller ones.
You need to take one step after the other to reach your goals.

The best way to motivate yourself is to celebrate the achievement of small goals.

So many times we don’t appreciate ourselves because we believe we should do more. Even though we need to do more, we still need to celebrate ourselves for the little we have performed.

Celebrating yourself gives you the courage to do more. When you don’t see anything good in what you do, you start comparing yourself with others.

The Bible made us understand that, “…….. they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are unwise”, 2Corithians 10:12.

Do not despise the days of a small beginning. There’s no way you can climb a ladder from the top if you are going up unless you are coming down.

Those smaller steps you took in climbing up the ladder leads you to the top. Therefore, celebrate your small beginning and reward yourself.

The Bible says, “Though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase” Job 8:7.

An empty drum of water is not filled at once. It is filled gradually, either by using holes or fetching it with a bucket.

One of the ways you can celebrate yourself is by thanking God for accomplishing any task no matter how little it might be.

One thing I do whenever I do something as little as sweeping, unconsciously I will just say thank you, Jesus. As much as we would love to celebrate ourselves, also learn to celebrate God.

As little as you think your gift is, use it to the glory of God. To be faithful in little is to be faithful in much.

Appreciate God for that little gift you have. Some people are envious of that gift you have. When you don’t cherish what you have, you eventually lose it.

The unfaithful servant loosed the one talent he had because he didn’t cherish it. He went to hide it.

Appreciate what you have and celebrate your little achievement. The little achievement will eventually become greater.

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