There is a phrase that, Slow and steady wins the race.

Slow means lacking promptness while steady means not changeable or wavering.

Life is a race and we all have to run it at a different pace. We all have different purposes and aspirations, so we don’t have to compare ourselves with others.

It is so disheartening that so many today, compare themselves with others not knowing what the person has gone through in achieving that feat.

There is a saying that ” hastiness and patience are equivalent ”

If you want to win the race, you have to be patient. When you run it with full force from the beginning, you can be drained in the middle of it and this will surely affect your finishing point.

At times, the fastest runner doesn’t receive the prize, because they are tired by the time they are almost at the finishing line.

In your pursuit of purposes and aspirations, you need to be slow and steady. Being slow gives you the ability to put your steps in check.

It includes thinking through all steps you want to take in achieving your purpose and the consequences of it. Also, you must allow those steps you take to be in the light of God.

Take your steps bit by bit. Life involves stages. If you miss any stage, you are returning to it.

If you don’t wait now, you will wait later. God orchestrated your life, therefore He knows every step you must take.

The moment you remove God out of your life journey, the moment you begin to run the race without grace. When you run without grace, it becomes frustrating and difficult for you to finish well.

A life well spent is a life of impact. It is a life lived to serve God and humanity.

So many don’t have this in mind, all they want is to enjoy life to the fullest. Thereby, they want to acquire so many things at a time without paying the price of hard work.

So many are into fraudulent activities, rituals, and cultism because they want to ‘make it quick’.

Some want to get married at all costs because they are over 30years.

Some want a child at all costs, so they go to the devil for a child. You cannot eat the fruit of your labor over that kind of child.

Do you know you can prevent the blessings of God in your life when you seek another means outside God?

God has your best interest at heart. He knows what is good for you.
Do you know if you don’t wait now, you will wait later?

It is better to be late than to become late.
It is better to wait for the appointed time of your life. It is only God that blesses without adding sorrow to it.

You can never run faster than your destiny. It’s better to wait now than to wait later.

God is the only one that makes everything beautiful in His own time. Wait for God’s own time and you will be happy at the end.

When God crowns you with glory, you will reign even after your death but when the devil gives you a crown, you will reign for a while and he will still leave you in a worst state than he met you.

The little you have now with contentment will still multiply till it becomes overflowing if only you can wait.

A baby born in a day doesn’t become a man in a day. He has to pass through different stages of development called ‘Developmental milestones’.

Even before that child comes into being, it has passed through different stages called ‘prenatal stage’ which involves three trimesters.

Before your goals can be achieved, it must pass through stages for it to manifest.

You need to follow God’s plan for your life. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

Don’t just be stagnant. You can be slow and steady. Do it bit by bit and you will have a great accomplishment at the end.

When you are in haste, you can make mistake and that mistake might not be rectifiable.

With patience, perseverance, and prayers, you will achieve that goal.

Just wait on the Lord and you will not be put to shame.


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