There is a maxim that” one strange hand can’t convey a load on the head”.

As a person, you need backing or help in one manner or the other. Requiring support doesn’t mean you are feeble, even the strongest Man needs support.

For you to accomplish your purposes throughout everyday life, you need the help of those that will help you in carrying that fantasy to the real world.

There are times we will require the help of somebody stronger while on different occasions we can require the help of somebody that isn’t as strong as we may be.

The maidservant in Naaman’s home had the option to guide them to the answer to fix her master’s leprosy. Who might have figured a housemaid offer an answer to the issue?

On occasion, we will in general peer down on individuals who can support us. Those we thought could help us are those that won’t feel the need to help us.

Old, youthful, poor, or rich, anybody can support you. Try not to peer down on anybody.


Some don’t need any help from anybody given this, there are reasons that we need to consider.

1. Shyness: Some individuals are timid to request help. They don’t have a clue how to request help. They don’t need individuals to see them in need.

2. Egotism: Some individuals don’t request help because they are arrogant. They don’t want to approach anybody for help. They don’t need individuals to consider them to be feeble or in need.

3. Insensitivity: At times you don’t request help since you accept your assistance can’t emerge out of a specific individual. Some people have missed their angels because they think a particular person is incapacitated to help them.

4. Reproach: At times you don’t share your concern since you fear being derided or mocked.

Every one of these reasons is legitimized yet you still need the support others.

These reasons have made one to miss life opportunities that can never be recover back.

We have to acknowledge the help of others to arrive at our objectives. These support encompasses;

  • Physical Support: This incorporates, essential needs, for example, food, clothing, and shelter. We as a whole need these things to survive. God is the provider of necessities. We need the help of God to address these issues for us.
  • Spiritual Support: We all realize that life is a milestone and we can’t face the conflict alone. We need the help of our Pastors and prayer accomplices. There are fights that you need the help of others to battle together. You don’t need to decline the support of those who are willing to support you spiritually. The Bible says, …..iron shapeneth iron……
  • Emtoional Support: So numerous individuals are discouraged and depressed. They need emotional help. They need somebody they can converse with. They need counsel from the individuals who can help them to walk through this time.
  • Social Support: We need individuals to give us care and love since we are social creatures. Family and friends are in the situation to give us social help.

So many have committed suicide because they will not communicate their issues to individuals who can support them.

Any organization that needs development needs the help and participation of its staff.

You can’t do it in isolation. The director of an organization can’t take the position of a secretary and a cleaner.

For appropriate organization, there’s a requirement for the division of work to accomplish the objective of the association.

So additionally in arriving at your objectives, you need the support of individuals. On occasion you have, to pay for these services.

What you will accomplish with the help of others will be more than what you will accomplish all alone.

As a couple, you need the help of your spouse to fabricate your marriage. You have to help each other out in satisfying the conjugal objectives of your marriage.

Loved ones need the help of each other in accomplishing objectives throughout everyday life.

Your loved ones ought to be your main fan. This includes, family and friends.

Most importantly, you need God to help you in each aspect of your life. You have to accept Him into your life.

God created Eve because Adam need her support. You are also created to support others and to be supported.

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