Walk and work is very important in your Christian race as a believer. Your walk with God is as important as your work for God.

It is a pity today that so many believers dwell more on their work rather than their walk with God.

Let me shock you with this…your work cannot be accepted if your walk with God is not perfect. You must be accepted before your work can be acceptable.

Segun is not accepted by his boss, because he didn’t like him. He did all he could do to make him happy. He resumes before everyone and closes late. This doesn’t change the fact that he doesn’t like him.

Segun needs to create a relationship with his boss to know why he doesn’t like her and how does he want her to improve.

We also need to create a relationship with God in order to be acceptable unto Him.

Just like you walk with your friends and know everything about them, you need to walk with God in order to know Him better.

As you are committed to working for Him, also be committed to walking with Him.

Your walk with God makes you a true child of God. A true child recognizes his father’s voice.

You walk with God by faith. When you have faith you will please God and do His will.

This faith you have in establishing a relationship with Him makes you create a special time for you to talk to Him and to study His words.

The Bible says, ” But without faith, it is impossible to please him……” Hebrews 11:6.

So many believers today use their work for God to deceive people. They are more active in church activities while their life is not portraying them as a child of God.

Your walk with God helps you to do His work the way He wanted it to be done.

So many works will not be rewarded because the life of the worker is not acceptable to God. Every work you do for God will be tested with fire, will your work stand that test?

This is the question you must ask yourself every day.

So many people are working for God because of fame or position. So many work for God because of the gain they will achieve from it. These people are more esteemed than those who serve Him faithfully.

The Bible says, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness: and all these things shall be added into you” Matthew 6: 33.

It is God that prosper, therefore you must be acceptable unto Him first. Let your walk with God be paramount to you.

Your walk with God gives you the enablement, to do His work. It gives you the strength to do His work perfectly. With your strength, you can do nothing.

Some people work for God to seek men’s approval rather than God’s approval. As much as your work is important, your walk is very much important too.

When men see you, let God see you too.

If you are a young believer, I will advise that you walk with God first before working for Him. While walking with Him, He will tell you where to work for Him.

First offer yourself unto Him as a living sacrifice, before you offer any other thing.

It is in your walk with God, you discover your purpose. Without your walk with God, you can never discover your purpose.

My walk with God has made me be bold enough to say Jesus can do all things. Your walk with God makes you trust in Him completely.

Today, I can stand anywhere to say Jesus is real because He has made Himself real to me.

When I gave my life to Christ, I had so many encounters that make me know that God is real. Some are just serving God because that’s what they grew up knowing.

As a Christian, you need to know Him personally. You need to encounter Him. These will enable you to have a stand-in God.

You may see God as abstract but trust me He is beside you. You need to open the eyes of your heart to be able to see Him.

We are quick to believe what our Pastors tell us without actually finding out ourselves. It is good to believe your Pastors but you need to also confirm what he says with the word of God.

A student cannot excel if the only thing he does is to go to class listening to the teacher, and when the exam comes he goes to the Exam Hall and write his papers.

Excellence comes by studying and reading more on the topics you have been taught. Then you must also study your teacher, you must know how your teacher would want you to answer the questions. All these are part of what you must do as a student to excel.

Do you know there is a difference between ‘what is this and define this?’

You can answer ‘what’ with just two lines while you can answer define this with three pages of your exam papers. You write extensively on the topic you are asked to define while you just write the meaning of a particular word when you ask, ‘ what is this?’

To work effectively for God, you must know Him personally.

My Pastor said God is a healer I know He will heal me…….

Have you actually discovered it yourself?
Do you have that faith that He can?

You don’t receive your miracle because you don’t have faith in God. Your faith in God can only be increased if you know Him personally.

Many Christians backslide because they are not rooted in Christ. You can only be rooted in Christ by walking with Him. You need to know Him intimately so that when the wind blows, you will not be uprooted.

When you know Him personally, you will hear His voice. He says; my sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow me.

Are you also following Christ…….?

Do you know Him………….?

Does He know you…………?

Your work for God is easier when you walk with Him because He guides you on every step to achieve it.

Your walk with God gives you an understanding of your work for God.

Be committed in your walk with God and also, be committed to your work for God.

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